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For Women Only-Reasons NOT to Remarry (Men’s Bad Habits)


          My work has been published in 14 different newspapers, 5 magazines and various other publications. I have won awards for short stories and poetry. My most prized accomplishment beyond the three books being published is having my work read before the United States Congress by Representative Ralph Hall of Rockwall, Texas. It is now registered in the Congressional Records in Washington, D.C.   

            I have traveled to England , Belgium , France , Germany , Luxembourg , Hawaii , Scotland , and Poland to do research on WW II and to increase my knowledge of mankind in general. I have discovered that whether next door or on the other side of the world, people are all the same. I hope you enjoy my books.


Book 1 War Memories Are Forever!

Click here to see pictures of some of my heroes.

Book 2 Hog-Killing Time 

Book 3 For Women Only-Reasons Not To Remarry




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